180. Best ever Gnocchi

At a restaurant in the centre of Bormio I took a chance and ordered gnocchi, given it was on the special menu. Most of the time I have had gnocchi it is pretty average – just a starchy, relatively tasteless blob, and it is what goes with it that makes the meal OK. I was incredibly surprised, then, to have a very simple dish, with just a bit of mozerella on it, and the most amazing gnocchi I have ever tasted! Instead of teaspoon sized balls, the gnocchi was much smaller – more like really large,swollen pieces of arborio rice. It just melted in my mouth, and was particularly tasty with the addition of some chilli infused extra virgin olive oil that was plonked on the table part way through the meal. I think I have a new mission to find out how they made it so good!

The menu also had some fantastic translation errors, which definitely added to the authentic atmosphere:

[the middle one ends with “chees of nuisance” which gave a giggle or two]

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