178. Get on the Aperol Bandwagon

In Denmark I had seen a tonne of billboards and ads in bus shelters for Aperol, some kind of orange aperatif. In a cafe in Milan, we kept spotting these orange drinks with ice in wine glasses going out to customers. On enquiry, it was an Aperol Spritzer – a mix of Aperol, soda water, a slice of lemon and Prosecco, and apparently quite the famous Italian cocktail. Yes, please, sign me up! After getting a round they proved quite delicious and I can definitely recommend them.

Later on, when I became a cycling orphan (the folks ditched my to spend three hours riding up a steep hill. Don’t ask me why they put themselves through that), and had made my way around the entirety of the small town that is Bormio, the obvious answer to what to do with my time was to sit in the sun and drink my new favourite cocktail on my own. So much better than 3.5hrs of torturous bike riding!

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