176. Learning to Drive Like an Italian

Italian’s are just the most insane drivers. At pedestrian crossings you have to avert eye contact and just run for it – if they sense any hesitation they won’t stop! Apparently a 100km speed limit actually means 150km, and most of the roads are incredibly narrow. For Dad, who has been doing most of the driving, it was a bit of a re-learning process to be driving on the right instead of the left. And what an insane place for it.

After going round one tight corner where a house literally sticks out into the road, and having a Porsche come screaming straight for us on a one lane street, it definitely incited a few breaks to sit down and have a coffee!

We even saw an accident where a motorcyclist came of his bike after pulling out to for an insane overtaking manouvre.

Definitely a learning experience!

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