155. Carpark Drinks

While northside may have been super cosy/hyggeli, it came at a price. And drinks most definitely reflected that price. On the Saturday afternoon, after getting there early to see The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, and subsequently realising (along with some fellow Studenterhus volunteers) that there wasn’t anything good on until later that evening, we decided to have a little break from the festival and go have a few (cheaper) drinks somewhere else. It also happened to be bucketing down with rain, which was getting a little uncomfortable.  Festival monopolies are  bad enough in NZ and Australia, but in Denmark it was truly exhorbitant and my LIthuanian/Estonian friends were even more insulted, being from countries where they might as well just pump beer through the water system, it’s that cheap. We headed to the supermarket, and sure enoguh, it seemed half of Aarhus was there too.

The covered carpark and entrance to the supermarket was just teaming with people sitting on milk crates enjoying some shelter before heading back. The supermarket was attached to an apartment complex which had a large covered area and there we joined the unofficial festival pre-drinks party. Most entertaining! I also learned a great deal about pricing in Eastern Europe and will most definitely be heading there soon for some relief from the expenses of Denmark! It also provided yet another example of how instead of local councils raising prices in an attempt to curb drinking habits (as they do in NZ), they are only going to create more problems – uncontrolled drinking in bizarre places and outragous amounts of rubbish everywhere.

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