92. Learn about old Finnish films

My final museum stop on the way out of Helsinki was the Helsinki City Museum. I didn’t know what to expect, I merely popped in on the way out. Sadly much of it was suffering from water damage, but the parts that were open were really good. The museum was full of displays from old hollywood style films, with dresses worn by actors, old makeup sets, photos and plot summaries. It was really interesting and some of the films were definitely added to my too-see watch.

For example, there was one that was made to promote Helsinki in the lead up to the olympics, which featured a love triangle between the glass-topped bus driver, the beautiful tour guide and a local cabbie, complete with musical numbers. There were many other charming films showcased, which makes me want to track them down and become a Finnish Film-buff! (Which reminds me, there is a Kath and Kim movie coming out, complete with Sharon who dressed as a “film buff” for a costume party by going nude. Can’t wait for that movie!

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