81. Church-A-Palooza

In just 2 short days in Helsinki I managed to visit three different churches – a bit of a break from all my museums! They were all very different, and very beautiful in their own ways. From a church carved out of a rock, to the magnificient despite being so simply decorated Helsinki Cathedral, to the Uspenski Cathedral that had a very cool exterior, and the interior was as though someone had eaten all the artwork of the renaissance and vomitted it up inside the church. I’m not saying it was an interior decorater’s nightmare or anything, but it could have been a little less cluttered…

Helsingin tuomiokirkko, Suurkirkko – Helsinki Cathedral

Temppeliaukio Church – The Rock Church

Uspenski Cathedral

5 thoughts on “81. Church-A-Palooza

  1. Great presentation and a very good selection of churches in Helsinki. They all are really different and beautiful. What a pity that You did not have time to see Finland. Helsinki is in Finland, but Helsinki is not Finland. There is life outside Helsinki. 🙂

    If You come again back someday I’ll give few links from my blog presenting Finland with photos:

    Santa Claus lives here

    Arctic Circle

    In Winter, why not to see

    World’s biggest Snow Castle

    Did You visit this amazing fortress in Helsinki?

    Historic maritime fortress of Suomenlinna

    Church which You cannot find anywhere else in the world

    Old church at Petajavesi

    What about make a cruise on a lake using historic steam boats

    Midsummer cruise

    Happy travel and blogging!

    • Haha yeah when I first heard of it I thought it was one of those ‘we’re so modern and hip and in touch with the youths even though we missed the memo that no-one actually says hip’ churches

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