67. The Best Semla in Stockholm

Stockholm is famous for a most delicious tradition: between Christmas and Easter, bakeries all over town make Semla, best translated as a cream bun, although that description does them absolutely no justice. Semla are quite incomparable to anything else I have come across, which definitely makes them a necessity to try.

Like restaurants in Japan, as spring draws ever closer, bakeries will display Semla replicas in their windows and there is an annual competition to determine which bakery makes the best ones. These ‘buns’ are a sweat bread-y pastry, (seeds from vanilla pods visible in the dough), with a hole carved out of the bun which is then filled with cream and sometimes a vanilla almond paste, before the lid is replaced and it is dusted with icing sugar. They may not look like much initially, but dam do they taste good!

In my quest to eat my way across Europe, I felt it only appropriate that I track down the winning Semla. It was at a bakery called Tossebageriet in the trendy district of Ostermalm. It was quite the beautiful walk on the way there, with tree lined streets and the sun shining gloriously. The bakery had a whole collection of other amazing treats, but I had my eyes on the prize!

This particular Semla was delicious, and one of the ones filled with an amazing vanilla almond paste. I could absoltely see why this bakery was the 2012 winner and I thoroughly recommend anyone looking to experience Stockholm’s best food to try one.

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