61. Fall In Love

My weekend in Stockholm was quickly extended, but even with a few extra unplanned days I didn’t want to leave! Stockholm was just amazing, and I had no idea just how hard I would fall for its beauty, excitement, seamless transitions between old and new, eclectic artwork, quirky bars, fashion, cosy cafes, amazing food… the list goes on.

As I wondered through the streets in the often vastly different areas, every single corner I turned revealed a new and different view, a beautiful building (be it old or new), a crazy scultpture or an exceptionally well designed cafe. The city had such an unbelievable amount of character, of all different types. From the Old Town, with every inch of land covered by medieval masterpieces, to the tree-lined streets of Ostermalm, to trendy Sodermalm or the super clean and slick streets of Normalm, with beautiful architecture from all ages.

Perhaps it was the fact that there are over 100 museums in Stockholm, or that even the subway system is famous for being full of modern art. Perhaps the fact I arrived with no expectations or pre-conceived notions of what the city would be like. Or better still, that an absolutely lovely friend of mine, a Stockholm local also studying on exchange in Aarhus, wrote out an amazing itinerary of things to do and all her favourite places. Armed with a list of all of Stockholm’s hidden gems – from best views to cafes, bars and restaurants, this was no watered down touristy adventure. It really felt like a taste of what living in Stockholm was really like, and I must say I loved it!

There’s no way I can do the trip justice in just one post, so stay tuned for posts about my adventures, and an epic photo album.

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