58. Mini Golf In An Apartment Building

There’s a place in downtown Aarhus that has both a cheap bar and free mini golf for students every Thursday night. Sounded like a winning combination to me! I did briefly wonder where in town there would be space, but this town is full of surprises so I didn’t give it too much thought.

Having played mini golf on many an occasion, and even having worked at a golf course, I certainly had an idea in my head of what a mini-golf course should look like. Being the middle of winter, it was no surprise to find out that it was actually indoors, but the true difference was in the fact that it spanned multiple levels of a very Danish apartment building!

Highly novel. As we weaved between rooms, many featuring seating areas and bars, and traversed from hole-to-hole up flights of stairs, it proved to be a very entertaining and highly space-efficient, Scandinavian take on the sport!

Just strollin’ round the bar with my golf club

More ludicrous deals involving purchasing 10 shots at once

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