53. Aarhus Waterfront

Taking my newly acquired Chihuahua (sadly I only get him for a week) for a walk was an ideal opportunity to explore the Aarhus Waterfront. And it was lucky he was there as I may not have been dragged along to discover what is possibly one of the best road signs I have ever seen:

Particularly hilarious as I don’t think it would have been possible for a car to get to the spot where I found this gem.

Due to the impromptu nature of my exploration I again only had my phone with me so the photos don’t quite sum up the beauty of the harbour.  Further more I think my appreciation was largely due to the fact there had been a snowstorm less than 24 hours beforehand, and suddenly the sun was beaming. Nonetheless, here are a few snappy’s of the harbour.  I was particularly enamoured with the old style boats, but don’t be mislead into thinking they are the only type of boats in use in Denmark! They did have modern ones with real engines, but they weren’t nearly as picturesque.


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