44. Inexplicable Museum

Whilst in Malmo I heard about a museum in a castle. Sounded pretty awesome to me! Turns out the castle was slightly less exciting than expected – it was of the more traditional and practicial variety. Or in other words, a big strong fortress of a brick building, lacking in intricate detail but probably achieved the true purpose of a castle in a much more efficient way.

I thought this was the castle, turns out it is the local casino

The actual castle. Far more ominous.

I didn’t have any explanation of what the theme of the musuem was (if any) but it certainly was varied. There were aquariums, nocturnal animals, stuffed animals and modern photography. There was an interactive exhibition about food where you got snacks – win! There was modern art probably meant to make profound statements (torso’s with pig’s heads). But it was all in swedish with no translations. Sometime museums and galleries don’t need explanations, but something felt just a bit off about not having the option of knowing the theme/concept/background. Some parts were fine, like what I can only assume was day-in-the-life-of type photography collections. Others the complete opposite – the cooking exhibition being one. Like Moon TV’s ‘Speed Cooking,’ those recipes were no good to me!

The truly perplexing image, however, was the following one, found in a collection of science-y diagrams about things including giving birth, diseases, HIV/AIDS and drugs.

Smoking, alcohol, drugs, fish?

You tell ME what the theme was. Because I’d really like to know.

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