43. Build a snowman in Sweden

What better place to build my first snowman? unfortunately the timing was more the issue. After Team Trans-Tasman put in an excellent performance at the Free Bar, we weren’t feeling too flash the next day. No hangover would be too big to prevent us from a day trip to Malmo, Sweden though.

Malmo is a 35 minute train ride from Copenhagen central station, and a day-trip definitely worth doing. It cost about 85DKK, which is around $15 each way and was an absolutely beautiful town. There was some lovely art work and sculptures around the city, and of course beautiful, old, wonky Scandinavian buildings.

Something’s not right in this sculpture…

The Malmo central station is really pretty, and all of the top sites are within walking distance. Plan A was to use my nifty smart phone for a bit of a walking guide, but the swift realisation that different countries = different network providers foiled that. Luckily the information centre was just to the left of the station and the handy guide drew us a little walking tour and pointed out the best sites.

She looks cold…

Given the previous night’s shenanigans, refreshments were high on the to do list. The next hurdle was my lack of access to the xe.com app. Silly me, forgetting to check the exchange rate! I had no idea if 1 Krone is worth more in Denmark or if the price of a coke at Sweden’s 7/11 was ridiculously high (turns out it was a combination of both). I spotted another H&M store (hard to miss, just look for the giant posters of David Beckham’s Bollocks) and figured that would  be a great way to estimate the exchange rate – the Danish store has prices in multiple currencies. Sadly in Sweden they only list SEK on the price tags. How rude. I did, however, discover that they must have different ranges in different countries. I resisted the urge to buy more clothes and went back out in to the snow.

Am I the only one that wonders about building safety regulations in Scandinavia..?

It was a tad more windy than I was used to in Denmark/Copenhagen and I almost wished I had my snow goggles on me. I was being absolutely blasted in the face with snow. On the upside, Malmo is known for its parks, so I felt it was a perfect opportunity to tick a crucial item off the bucket list: Build a snowman.

Snow in my FACE

After observing some children make one (it wasn’t creepy, I swear), we quickly worked out the technique – make a little ball of snow and then roll it along until it becomes a big ball! Don’t ask me the physics of it all but the snow on the ground seems to stick to the ball like velcro. Perfect. What we didn’t anticipate was just how laborious making a decent snow man actually is. So as much as I would like to claim the above pictured snow man was ours, it was in fact made by children and ours was more like this:

He was hungover too.

Once we finally had 3 odd shaped lumps of decreasing sizes stuck on top of each other with a bit of dirt/leaves to make a face, we decided it was time to throw them at eachother. Much more fun than manual labour!

Some more snaps from Malmo:

Cutest phone box ever.

I had assumed that this was the Castle in the middle of the park, but in fact it was actually the Casino

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