41. Icebar Copenhagen

Copenhagen is home to a bar made of ice, conveniently named Icebar CPH, part of the Icehotel franchise. The bar is -5 degrees, and almost entirely made of Ice. Even the glasses! Although being a bar made if ice is highly novel in and of itself, there are all kinds of miniature ice sculptures and intricate details throughout the bar.

Entrance was 150DKK and includes a cocktail (they only serve cocktails), which is about NZ$30. Somehow we were upsold another $10 for the deal that includes a second cocktail. On reflection one cocktail would have been enough as it is quite a small bar and the chill gets a bit tired after a while. I would also recommend sticking to the fruity cocktails, unless you are really in to the Danish trend of liqueurs that taste like less appetising versions of Jagermeister (e.g. Fisk). There is a ‘construction’ theme throughout the bar, which is also reflected in the cocktail menu and adds to the novelty.

In the fun facts file, the ice all comes from the Torne River in northern Sweden and was originally marketed with the following video of Robban Eriksson famous drummer from the Swedish band The Hellacopters playing a drum solo on a kit made of Ice:

In case you are worried about he cold, entrance also includes a specially designed super warm blue poncho-type jacket and gloves. All in all an awesome experience and I definitely recommend it! But only the one cocktail…

Even the cocktail menu was made of ice

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