36. BYO Bus

In episode one of my Copenhagen extravaganza, my Australian accomplice and I decided it was only fitting that we make our bus ride there a BYO one. We were, after all, leaving at 7pm to arrive at 10pm, just as everyone else would be heading out to town. We also managed to lure in a poor, unsuspecting Canadian which magnified the fun!

The Danes appear to be a darn sight less PC about drinking in public places, and no-one batted an eyelid when we whipped out our booze stash. Perhaps it was because we were dressed for town and drinking a delicious Moscato…

In fact, we seemed to be the only people surprised on our journey to the capital city. Five minutes after the bus took off, it stopped again and everyone was getting out. As it turns out, the bus route is faster and cheaper as the majority of it is actually a ferry ride. A delightful (and obvious, on reflection) surprise as we got to a) steal drinking vessels from the cafe, and b) enjoy a ride with far less spills than a bus. Given the ferry terminal is just around the corner from the bus station, it seems strange that we wouldn’t just meet there, but I suspect it is a convenient way for the bus company to clip the ticket. Yes, pun intended.

I also discovered Somersby Cider – a Carlsberg innovation, despite going for the English Cider vibe. I can definitely recommend the blackberry cider, and will have to try the Elderflower one at some point!

For anyone planning the journey from Aarhus to Copenhagen, I definitely recommend catching the Line 888. Breaking the journey up with a ferry ride makes it go a lot faster, and it was much nicer to sit round a table and chat. There are higher rates for Friday nights and weekends though, so if you can go during the day on a Friday it will save you some krone.

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