31. Bazar Vest

In part two of my supermarket shopping series, I recently discovered one of the most amazing places in Aarhus: Bazar Vest.

Bazar Vest is like an indoor middle eastern Bazar. Orginally started as a way to help foreign immigrants to Denmark integrate and find employment, Bazar vest has a range of cheap grocery stores, middle eastern and oriental cafes, imported electronics and homewares and a place to hang out.

Looks legit.

Usually, going supermarket shopping on an empty stomach is a terrible idea, but at Bazar Vest the first places you see are middle eastern and indian food stalls and neat little seating areas tucked away in corners. I had already been warned to look for stalls that had an ‘elite’ sign on them – mandatory food safety ratings that must be displayed on shop windows/counters. After wandering around numerous kebab stalls (some smelled amazing, others completely rank) I spotted a Somalian place that had amazing looking samosas on display. It wasn’t until I stepped on to the threshold that I realised something was a bit odd about the place. It was packed, but no-one was eating!

Creepy dolls with mobile phones

Everyone there looked a tad more Somalian than I (not that I’m generalising or anything) and it seemed like they were all staring. It felt like I had just opened the door to someone’s house and barged on in. It suddenly dawned on me that perhaps these food places were more like social clubs and I was committing some kind of huge social faux pas… I had noticed that everyone seemed to be in tight-knit groups at all the other stalls! The guy behind the counter, however, seemed incredibly excited that someone from another culture wanted to try his food and waved me over very enthusiastically before describing what all of the food items were. Another triumphant moment as I fooled yet another shopkeeper in to thinking I was Danish. I opted for takeaway though, as the looks I was getting from everyone around me were quite uncomfortable. Sorry I burst in on your party, guys!

Incredibly tacky musical painting

After the food stalls were some incredibly dubious looking electronic stores and some rather interesting homewares. My favourite item was a painting of a waterfall which was lit up from behind and played birdsong/waterfall noises. I cannot think of anything more irritating to have in your house!

Next were the grocer stalls full of amazing bargains and more fresh fruit and vegetables than you can shake a stick at. A fantastic range, compared to pretty much every supermarket I have been to. It was all incredibly cheap too. I stocked up on fresh chillis, coriander and ginger so I could finally make a delicious asian meal. There was also a brilliant little deli type stall were I finally found hummus. I haven’t seen hummus at any of the supermarkets!

I had heard about Bazar Vest a while ago, but it wasn’t until my first adventure home on my bike where I followed the (slightly longer) google maps route that I realised it was just around the corner. I will definitely be doing all of my fruit/vege shopping there from now on!



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