17. The Bus Stop Warm Up Dance

Also known as uploading my first ever youtube video!

For the last 5 days it has been incredibly cold in Aarhus. It snowed on Friday for the first time this year, and picked up a little more on Saturday. Since then it hasn’t snowed much more at all, but it is cold enough that all of the snow is still on the ground.

The other morning I woke up to see a whole bunch of toddlers (from the local pre-school I think) all rugged up in their bright coloured snow-suit onesies sliding down the snow-y hill on rubbish bags. They were like little brightly coloured marshmallows all over the hill outside my window! A most hilarious sight.

Obviously the Danes have been aware of their weather patterns for some time now, so most places you go are heated to an appropriate temperature and the only time the cold has ever been an issue is when standing still at the bus stop. And so came about the Bus Stop Warm Up Dance. Everyone had been laughing at a girl from Finland and I for doing ‘The Penguin’ to keep warm (I learned it at Outdoor Persuits so it must be legit) where you keep your arms straight by your side, hands out like a penguin and shrug your shoulders up and down. Fastest way to warm up your fingers! After a few wines to spur on our creativity, we decided to take it one step further and make up a little dance. Worked a treat! Though to be fair it didn’t make us look any less silly.

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