13. Drink Danish Beer

As part of Introductory Week, we had a number of presentations from all the various groups on campus. One of them, the Studenterlauget (School of Business students’ association), gave a presentation on their various activities, many of which happen at their bar. At the end they had a quiz and were asking for volunteers. Naturally my hand shot up without even thinking! Good thing I paid attention because I won a bunch of beer vouchers.

Later that afternoon we were at the bar, Klubben, (means club, very creative) and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try my first Danish beer! They had Tuborg on tap, which was lucky because I had previously witnessed a fiery debate between two Danes over whether Tuborg or Carlsberg was better, and the resolution at the end was Tuborg (despite them apparently being made by the same people). Our lecture on Danish culture and mannerisms had explained that Danes don’t like to leave an issue unresolved or have too much conflict/tension so it was a good thing they had answered the Tuborg-Carlsberg conundrum for me. One of the German guys, however, was incredibly scathing over the fact that Danish Beer has next to no head and seems quite flat. It in fact became quite the topic of conversation (and confusion as I learned that ‘head’ must be an Australia-New Zealand term).

Another interesting fact I have learned is that it is really common for Danes to drive over the border to Germany to by beer there as it is far cheaper. Although from Aarhus it is a pretty significant drive, so I was advised I would be better off taking a trailer and filling that up. Very Boardwalk Empire.

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